A Stump Grinder is a machine which removes stumps by grinding them with a large rotating cutting disk. Most tree services don’t have stump grinders because they are extremely expensive to purchase and maintain.
ASK EACH TREE SERVICE – Is stump grinding included with your tree removal estimate? Tree services don’t usually include stump grinding with their initial tree service estimates. Most estimates only include the cost to cut and remove the trees, not grind the stumps. It’s very important when comparing multiple tree removal estimates to know which tree services did or did not include grinding the stump.

Our Carlton SP7015 Stump Grinder has a 27″ cutting wheel powered with 60 horsepower, grinding down 12″ – 15″ into the ground with a 70″ cutting arc. It is a powerful self-propelled stump grinder that runs on tracks and can fit through a standard 36″ gate, with minimal damage to grass.

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