We provide free tree service estimates to Goldsboro, Wilson, Kinston, Smithfield, and all of Eastern, North Carolina. Comparing tree removal estimates can be difficult. The most common question is why different tree service estimates can differ by hundreds to thousands of dollars?

ASK EACH TREE SERVICE: How much Liability & Workman's Compensation Insurance do you have?
Obtaining insurance is difficult for new Tree Services; especially in North Carolina. First the tree service has to prove that they are insurable; that they have the equipment, knowledge, and ability to safely handle difficult tree removals. Normally they need to have been in business for at least a certain period of time and/or provide professional recommendations from other legitimate Tree Services. Moreover, insurance premiums can range from $500 to $25,000 a year and this is more than many Tree Services can afford.

ASK EACH TREE SERVICE: How much damage will be caused to grass, other trees, and surrounding area.

There are different ways to cut a tree damage, some causing more damage than others. It all depends on how large the trees are compared to their drop paths.

If the trees are 100' tall and they are cut from the bottom and dropped into the woods, they are going to damage other trees and tree branches on their way down. If they are dropped in your grass, they may cause huge indentations and tree branches will be buried and break off into the ground. This is the easiest cheapest way to cut a tree and also causing the most damage.

ASK EACH TREE SERVICE: Will you remove trees and trim branches you damage by accident? What about the grass?
If trees and tree branches are damaged during the tree cutting process, some Tree Services may not remove them. Removing a damaged branch hanging 80' up in a tree is difficult, dangerous, and time consuming process. Most Tree Services won't remove broken hanging branches unless asked or paid more. Discuss this possibility before choosing a Tree Service.

Removing trees requires heavy equipment moving back and forth across your grass. Tree Services normally do the best they can to avoid the grass and stay in natural areas but grass damage is generally unavoidable. Even after having trees removed by a crane, a stump grinder still needs to access the stumps. Ask each Tree Service what kind of equipment they will use and try and schedule them for a dry time of the year. They may put boards down in certain areas to minimize damage, just ask...

ASK EACH TREE SERVICE: How can you all minimize damage to my grass, bushes, and other trees?
If the trees are topped, cut, and removed in 12' sections the damage path just decreased by 90{17625d784bb7dfbb2739dd68b176470ca7d99bd033f94cfce5a205ddee9f28fc}. This involves more time and risk for the Tree Service, therefore more cost to the property owner.

A Tree Service can minimize any collateral damage by using a crane. This is an expensive option added $1,000 to $3,000 for any Tree Removal job. Cranes have to set up within a certain distant of the tree before losing lifting power. The farther the access distant from the trees, the heavier the crane. Also note that heavier cranes are more likely to damage driveways, streets, and sidewalks. Most Tree Services have property owners sign a waiver of liability for any damage done.

ASK EACH TREE SERVICE: How long will it take?
Tree Service equipment is expensive but saves countless hours of manual labor. Relying primarily on manual labor may add days to the completion date and leave your yard a mess for that much longer. Some Tree Services are contractors for Emergency Reconstruction companies and are on call 24/7. They may start a job, then not be able to finish because they need to respond to an emergency. Its always a good idea to discuss how long the job will take in advanced.

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